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I. Ludovika International Law Enforcement Research Symposium
Online conference

Faculty of Law Enforcement, University of Public Service
26 October 2022


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09:00-09:10   Official opening: Prof. Dr. Gábor Kovács Pol. Maj. Gen., dean, UPS Faculty of Law Enforcement

09:10-09:30   Ilin Savov: Cross Border Surveillance

09:30-09:50   Otakar Jiri Mika: The Concept of Population Protection in the Czech Republic as a Tool to Increase the Level of Security of Society

09:50-10:10   Ihor Nalivayko: Public Participation in the Mechanism of Prevention and Anti-corruption in Ukraine

10:10-10:30   Coffee break



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10:30-10:45   László Christián: New Ways in Law Enforcement Higher Education

10:45-11:00   Gábor Kovács: The Present and Future of Leadership Training in Police Officer Education at the Faculty of Law Enforcement

11:00-11:15   Rui Filipe R. M. Coelho de Moura: Police Leadership 2.0: A Comprehensive Systematic Review of the Literature

11:15-11:30   Imre Dobák: The Hungarian Practice of Teaching National Security Studies at the University of Public Service

11:30-11:45   Miklós Gáspár: The Experiences of Online Education of Use-of-force Tactics

11:45-12:00   Tamás Kovács: Emphasis of the Higher Education of Law Enforcement in Hungary in the Past 100 years

12:00-13:00   Lunch break

13:00-13:15   Ádám Ferenc Nagy: Bemer Therapy as Help in the Training of Law Enforcement Professionals

13:15-13:30   Iveta Nováková – Elena Nikolajová Kupferschmidtová: The Importance of Communication Skills in Police Lifelong Learning

13:30-13:45   Gabriella Ürmösné Simon – Éva Kovács: Attitudes to Online Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Law Enforcement, University of Public Service – Paradigm-change Inducing Results of an Online Hybrid Research

13:45-14:00    Andrea Szabó: The Belt and Road Initiative – Analyzing the Challenges and Risks of Chinese Trade in Law Enforcement Higher Education

14:00-14:15    György Péter Szilvásy: The Role of Doctoral Programmes in the Home Affairs Career Path

14:15-14:30    Questions & Answers


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10:30-10:45   Zoltán György Bács: New Tendencies and New Challenges In Organized Crime

10:45-11:00   Mária Zsóka Bellavics: The Psychiatric Correlations of Criminal Behavior

11:00-11:15   Miklós Hollán: Distinguishing Between Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Organization

11:15-11:30   Tibor Kiss: Trust Factors in Drug Purchase on Darknet Markets: A Survey Study among University Students in Hungary

11:30-11:45   István Jenő Molnár: CPTED, as the Future of Crime Prevention

11:45-12:00   Péter Nyeste: The Impact of the Pandemic on Criminal Intelligence

12:00-13:00   Lunch break

13:00-13:15   Nataliya Vnukova: Financial Monitoring in the field of Counter-Terrorism Financing at the European Level

13:15-13:30   Gergely Gárdonyi: Experiences at the Scene of Roma Serial Killings

13:30-13:45   Dávid Petrétei: The Siege of the Fingerprint Comparison

13:45-14:00   Questions & Answers


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10:30-10:45   Csaba Almási – Lajos Kátai-Urbán – Gyula Vass: Challenges and Law Enforcement Tasks in the Transport of Dangerous Substances by Road

10:45-11:00   Orsolya Czenczer: How We Handled the Impact of the Pandemic in the Hungarian Prison Service?

11:00-11:15   Ştefania Dumitrache – Cătălin Vasile: Some Legislative Vulnerabilities In The Matter Of Equal Treatment and the Principle of Non-Discrimination in the Legal Service Relations of Police Officers

11:15-11:30   Aida Diana Dumitrescu: Challenges and Legal Solutions for the Energy Crisis within the European Union

11:30-11:45   Péter Felföldi: Traffic Safety Research at the Department of Public Safety

11:45-12:00   Ivan Košč – Vincent Holubiczky: Mobile Modular Center for Crisis Management of International Migration

12:00-13:00   Lunch break

13:00-13:15    Éva Kovács: Identification and Authentication Potentials Based on Reduced Biometric Data – Ways Forward in Technologies Used by Law Enforcement

13:15-13:30    Zoltán András Nagy: Weapon Printing in 3D

13:30-13:45    Gábor Németh: EU Common Security and Defense Policy Civilian/Law Enforcement Mission’s activity in the Middle-East

13:45-14:00    Péter Pántya: Current Issues at the Incident Scene During Firefighting or Technical Rescue

14:00-14:15    Dávid Papp: The Current Challenges of the Hungarian Neighbourhood Police Officers’ form of service

14:15-14:30    Réka Magdolna Kirovné Rácz: From the Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework to the Hungarian National Disaster Risk Assessment in the Light of Community Resilience

14:30-14:50    Coffee break

14:50-15:05    Tomáš Škrinár: Application of Art. 8 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms to migrant cases

15:05-15:20    Ilona Szuhai: Reforms of the Migration Management Institutions: Comparison of the Hungarian and Turkish Cases

15:20-15:35    Vince Vári: Extreme Crisis Situations as Stress Factors in Police Work

15:35-15:50    Questions & Answers


I. Ludovika International Law Enforcement Research Symposium
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